Malindi, Kenya
Hope Self Help Project

We must become involved in the character development of our children because every child has a right to good life.

For the last 3 years, Hope Self Help Project has grown to be one of the children's rescuers, rehabilitation and development centre in Malindi today, and intends to set up sustainable, agricultural and environmental as well as supporting community development initiatives through assistance from well wishers and collaborative partners. Home of Hope has been delivering the liberating good news of hope and services to the vulnerable children and the community, setting them free from the stain and pain of their past and building self reliant, independent, well behaved boys and girls in both Malindi and the Coast Region.

About The Founder

Madam Sophia Tei

The thought of saving Malindi Youth is what motivated the founder, Madam Sophia Tei to resign from her employment in the civil service to fight teenage drug abuse, child sex, HIV/ AIDS and girl child prostitution.

As a child Sophia experienced firsthand the pain of economic deprivation and the hardships of a poverty stricken family. After overcoming many obstacles in life, she now believes, by the help of GOD and through the living hands of others, every individual can move from the status of ordinary to the level of extra ordinary simply by doing everything they can to help save Malindi's most valuable resource, our children. Although she believes such efforts are worthy of the highest commendation, she says no commendation can ever equal or exceed the joy of knowing your efforts have helped save a child's life.